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How do I make an appointment?

Patients are generally referred to a particular surgeon by their PCP or another specialist. Please check the website under "Find a Physician" for phone listings.

I would like a second opnion. How do I arrange that appointment?

If you are unsure who you should see please contact 401-272-1800 and ask for the Office Manager. The manager will direct you to the appropriate office.

Who should I speak to regarding my inStructions for surgery?

Every procedure and patient are different. Instructions vary per patient and may be individualized based on your medical history. Please contact your surgeon if you have questions.

What time should I arrive for surgery?

Our office will confirm your arrival time for surgery the day before your procedure.

How do I obtain a copy of my medical records?

You are entitled to a copy of your records. University Surgical Associates requires an authorization or signed release form to copy your records. For general inquiries you may contact our Medical Records Department at 401-272-1800.

Who do I speak to about a bill I received?

Please contact our Billing Department at 401-453-9625.

How do I find out if my Physician is Board-Certified?

You may check the Physician profile of this website for credentials or visit the Department of Health License Verification

How do I participate in clinical trials?

University Surgical Associates has several Surgeons that participate research. To explore the possibility of enrolling in a study or clinical trial please speak to your surgeon.

Who do I speak to about issues with accessing the patient portal?

Please call 401-854-2443 for assistance.